My Mission 

As a business owner, I promise to be 100% transparent in all areas of my business operations. I vow to make soap with sustainably sourced, and natural ingredients. I am committed to delivering superior customer service and will do my best to meet your bar soap needs.

About Me

Like many of you, I grew up in a small town. Living out in the country on a retired dairy farm made for the best childhood I could have ever asked for. My parents taught me and my 3 older brothers the importance of growing our own food, how to swing a hammer to fix our home, & the importance of good manners. Fast forward to my life now, my wonderful husband Tyler and I are working together to create our own homestead. The saying is true; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My roots are planted here in Wisconsin. 

Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Aubrey's Acres is owned by my sister-in-law Lauren. She has been in the goat business for over 10+ years! Along with milking the goats, breeding & selling, Lauren also shows them at local, state, and national fairs! She has many goats that have ranked some of the finest in the COUNTRY! Now that you know the goat's are fantastic, let me tell you about their milk!

Goat Milk

For centuries goat milk has been used in beauty products as well as for consumption. One goat can produce about 2 quarts of milk a day! Nigerian Dwarf Goats make some of the highest quality milk compared to all other goat breeds. This is because they have a lot of butterfat and protein in the milk; those properties carry over into my soap & lotion making it feel creamy and smooth to touch!

total transparency

100% of the time

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Goat Milk Soap


(yes, it's that simple)

Goat Milk Lotion


treat your skin

(8 oz & 3 scent options!)

Soap Riser


(2 sizes!)


Soap Saver Bag


(try using soap for body wash!)


Lip Balm


coconut oil + beeswax

(that's all)


Long Loofah

10" twisted braid mesh loofah

(I've got your back!)

Goat Milk Soap

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Jewelltown Rostary - Star Prairie, WI

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Local Wisconsin


My soaps are made with

fat + milk + lye

Fat: Cain's Processing - Amery, WI

Milk: Aubrey's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm - Gilman, WI

Lye: Farm & Home Hardware - Amery, WI

Made by hand in small batches in Amery, WI