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Amery, WI



     My name is Colleen Knoop. I grew up on a retired dairy farm in Shell Lake, Wisconsin. My entrepreneurial parents, Steve and Donna, had three boys before they had me. Growing up with older brothers always gave me someone to look up to and someone to pass blame along to for any mischief I may have gotten into. Fast forward into high school years; I was involved in almost every club and athletic program our school offered. From acting in school plays, to throwing discus I enjoyed every minute of extracurriculars. After high school I moved to the town of New Richmond to pursue a college degree in Human Resource Management. Financing my own education forced me to use DIY and thrift skills to explore homemade goods as a means of saving money. I've always been creative and I love making things with my hands. After obtaining my degree, I went on a solo backpacking trip out West. Days after returning, I was lucky enough to meet Tyler, the love of my life AND we met less than a mile from where I had been living! Tyler and I are happily engaged as of 8.18.18. and plan to marry soon. It was his mom who introduced me to the art of soap making, and the rest is history!


My Space

     From a recycled stainless steel countertop, Tyler designed and built the perfect work station for me. The work space is set up in our home with storage for supplies, proper ventilation, and good lighting for high production. My favorite part of the soap station is where I keep all of the herbs, flowers, spices, grains, and beautiful exfoliating seeds ready to use in my recipes. I love using herbs I've grown in our garden. I believe in using local products whenever possible. For example, the beeswax is from my hometown, Shell Lake, WI! I use various fragrance and essential oils in my soap recipes. Just seeing the little bottles on display inspires me to create. 


Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goat's

     Aubrey's Acres in Gilman, Wisconsin is owned and operated by my sister-in-law Lauren and her partner in crime Phil. Her herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats are some of the highest quality show animals in the country! The milk produced from THESE goats have an average of 6.8% butterfat. That's the highest of all goat breeds! Check out the Aubrey's Acres Facebook page by clicking the "About the Goat's" tab above!