Squeaky Colleen Soaps offers a premium selection of handcrafted cold process goat milk soap, made by hand lotion, lip balm sourced with local beeswax, and soap risers to aid in soap longevity

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What's soap made of?

Oil + Milk + Lye



Squeaky Colleen Soaps makes soap the old-fashioned way. That means rendering down

pig lard and beef tallow, from local family-owned farms, (sometimes our own homestead!) for usable soap oil. Lard and tallow are paired with coconut oil and shea butter to balance out the qualities oil carries over into the final bar of soap. Examples of those qualities are, hardness, lather (bubble size!), moisture absorption, conditioning properties & more.


Goat Milk:

Ah, the goats. Aren't they so darned cute?!

Prior to 5/1/21 goat milk was sourced from my sister-in-law’s farm. Her award-winning farm operates under the name Aubrey's Acres Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm and they all happily reside in Gilman, WI. After 5/1/21 goat milk will be sourced from The Schifsky Homestead! Right here on our farm, I will be hand milking our own milking goats. It started with sourcing milk from my sister-in-law, now I'm sourcing the whole darned goat!



Handmade soap contains lye, also known as sodium hydroxide or, NaOH for my old Chemistry teacher Mrs. Lehnert. Squeaky Colleen Soaps always uses best practices in all aspects related to handling, purchasing, sourcing and creating soaps with lye. Locally purchased from Ace Hardware in Amery, WI.



Activated charcoal

Cocoa powder

Turmeric (slightly exfoliating)

Chlorella (will be spinach powder past 5/1/21)


Exfoliating Agent:

Poppy seeds

Coffee grounds



Fragrance oil:

Sourced from Bramble Berry - Allergen report available upon request.


Essential oil:

Brand may vary, but the choice to support Wildflour in Amery, WI has not! Squeaky Colleen Soaps is devoted to purchasing essential oil through our local Amery, WI corner store, Wildflour Market.

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