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What's soap made of?

Oil + Milk + Lye



Squeaky Colleen Soaps makes soap the old-fashioned way. That means rendering down pig lard and beef tallow from local farms for usable soap oil. Lard and tallow are combined with organic coconut oil and african shea butter to balance out the qualities oil carries over into the final bar of soap. Examples of those qualities are, hardness, lather, bubble size, moisture absorption, conditioning properties & more. 


Goat Milk:

Squeaky Colleen Soaps sources goat milk from her 2 Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goats. These sweet girls provide milk that Colleen uses in many ways. Along with making goat milk soap, Colleen also makes homemade goat cheese, yogurt and kefir (not for sale) and will likely be selling freeze dried packs of goat milk in the future. Stay tuned! Goat milk has been used for centuries for a variety of ailments. From luxiousious milk baths for skin problems, to helping sick baby animals come back to full strength, and, not to forget, it's the MOST consumed milk in the ENTIRE world! Goats are adorable, practical, loving, silly, and often stubborn. Their milk is the secret ingredient Squeaky Colleen Soaps uses to produce incredibly gentle, moisturizing, vitamin & mineral rich handmade cold process goat milk soap. 


Real soap contains lye, also known as sodium hydroxide. There's no way around it. Squeaky Colleen Soaps uses best practices in all aspects related to handling, purchasing, sourcing and creating soap with lye. This comes with years of experience and continued education. Fun fact about lye; it used to be made with hardwood ash & rainwater that was collected in a filtration bucket with hay/straw and rock. Squeaky Colleen purchases lye from Ace Hardware in Amery, WI. Now, let's talk about chemicals... Most "big brand soaps" are actually detergents, not real soap. That means they use cheap bulk chemicals to save money. They're not concerned with quality; they're concerned meeting regulations to classify their products specifically to meet the maximum amount of customers possible, therefor earning them the most money possible in the shortest amount of time. These companies do not care about you. Period. Observe the emphasis on 'hot marketing' words versus the emphasis on each ingredient and its intended purpose. You'll quickly see (and feel) that Squeaky Colleen Soaps DOES care about you and vows to be 100% transparent with each individual customer - Promising to use absolute natural ingredients, that are, yes, actually NATURAL! 

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